Aotearoa Astrotourism Academy

Our First School, Lake Tekapo 10-12 September 2021
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Aotearoa Astrotourism Academy, AAA, is launched by Professor John Hearnshaw with the support of Nalayini Davies, to satisfy an unmet need in the astronomical community.

The primary goal of AAA is to offer educational courses for current or aspiring astro-tourism night-sky guides, or for anyone interested in navigating the dark night sky.

AAA has assembled a small team of dedicated and expert instructors, and the plan is to offer short courses on all aspects of night-sky guiding. AAA hopes to impart some of the basic skills and knowledge considered essential for those working in the fast growing astro-tourism industry.

The inaugural intensive course comprising lectures, practical sessions (weather permitting for evening observing) and plenty of interactions between instructors and participants will be in Lake Tekapo village from Friday 10 September 2021 to Sunday 12 September 2021.


Those seeking a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills to pursue astronomy in the following forms

Astro-tourism participants

Amateur Astronomers


Night Sky Navigators

Lifetime Learners

Nature Lovers


Tasman Room, Godley Hotel, SH8, Lake Tekapo

Tekapo is situated in the South Island of New Zealand, within the Aoraki-Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve.